Will You Answer the Call?

                               Brent Jensen



Myself is no one special. I don't own any qualities or unusual characteristics that set me apart or make me any lesser or greater than anyone else on this planet. I did grow up, and still live, in a very fortunate environment; privileged, loved, stable and secure. I consider myself extremely lucky and fortunate to have landed where I have in this life, but I now know that that will only take me so far. I would eventually have to learn that true fulfillment in this life would require much much more. As I grew up and began to take on more responsibility and accountability for my life, I would slowly but surely come to realize that these fortunes in our material, tangible lives don't always foster the same sensations deep within ourselves; the only place where we will always truly live.
In this experience, I do feel that I have something more to offer. A journey, a perspective and an insight into all of the resources that, in hindsight, I am eternally grateful to have had cultivated within my life. A journey and perspective that has allowed me to re-establish that love, security and stability that I deeply seek in my life. This time however, it is rooted deeply within me, where no one, no thing or idea will be able to take away from me.
While this seems as if this is all about me, I also want people to understand that this really is not all about me. This journey and insight is much greater than I could ever dream of being. I, in no way, shape or form could have done this myself. I owe my journey to everyone and every bit of wisdom and experience that has shaped it the way that it has. My hope is to simply give back something which I am so grateful to have already recieved.
That is why I truly feel I need to write here. I feel that this is a gift that I have recieved in this life, and simply, I feel the best thing that I can do with this gift is to pass it on to anyone else in this world who may need it. To myself, this is a jounrey and an effort of fullfillment. This is a means of purpose. 
I believe this is consciousness, and I believe this is the way of true human evolution.
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