Health and Fitness

While I'm certainly not credentialed or an acclaimed expert in nutrition, movement or any health practices, it is something I truly spend a lot of time investigating. For some reason I am strongly drawn to sport and the journey of optimal human performance. I feel that the many things that I have discovered and learned have formed a decently strong foundation in this field, and I am happy to share anything that may help someone looking to do the same.

While I'm also far from a certified therapist or any type of counselor, my journey has involved a lot of looking to those who are, or have some profound experience in self-discovery and the many resources they have to offer. Exploring and learning about one's self is the first investment anyone should make in life. This is simply the source that our journey stems from. Unfortunately our society is often happy to put that journey on the backburner at the expense of material wealth and less fulfilling agendas. As is really the purpose of this site, I hope I can shed a light on some resources that may contribute to what I believe is a much more important, fulfilling and purposeful journey.